Some more information has leaked regarding the successor to one of the most popular everyday noise cancellation headphones on the market – Sony WH-1000XM3.

The XM3s launched in August 2018. Two years later and many competitors have come close to taking the crown. The XM3s lack one key feature, the ability to connect to multiple devices, making swapping between phone and laptop seamless.

The latest leak from JustPlayingHard on Twitter dives into the source code from the updated Sony Headphones Connect app, and finds proof of this feature and more.

XM4s are also said to include a “Smart Talking” feature. This will detect voices and adjust the ambient sound pass-through, so you can hear conversations around you while blocking out unwanted noise. The XM3s have a similar feature called Ambient Sound Mode which picks up on certain frequencies to pass-through to your ears. Smart Talking seems to be a more intelligent version of Ambient Sound Mode.

The pictures included on the latest leak appear very similar to the preview generation. Previous leaks in March showed a slightly thicker design, as well as less power consumption and Bluetooth 5, both leading to increased battery life.

All signs point to a fairly incremental update, but much wanted for those holding off on the XM3s. No word on release date, but we can expect to see them soon, after supposedly being approved by the FCC.

We should see them come in at the same launch price of the XM3s of $349.99. If you’re after a cheaper pair, check out the WH-1000XM3 on Amazon currently for $244.

Don’t forget these worthy noise cancelling competitors:

Keep your eyes open for Apple’s new over-ear headphones, potentially dropping next month at WWDC.