Sony has just made a deal with Michael Jackson’s estate to release some of his unreleased material, since his contract with the label extends into 2017. However, there has been some recent findings according to the NY Daily News, that Jackson has actually recorded entirely new material back in 2007 that no one has heard nor has ever been released to the public. We wonder if this changes the deal between Sony and the late pop singer’s estate.

Jackson spent three months with Eddie (Angel) Cascio in New Jersey where he recorded 12 new tracks including “Breaking News,” “Burn Tonight” and “Water” – all of which can supposedly be heard in Jackson’s posthumous documentary film, This Is It.

Cascio’s family was very close with Jackson’s and the family still frequently visits the estate. They even left a special note in Jackson’s memorial booklet which read:

‘We promise to always remain “The First Family of Love. WE THANK YOU and will love you FOREVER and ALWAYS. ANGEL ‘Dr.Heat’ Cascio and the Cascio Family.”