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Designed to pair with their smaller wireless speakers and soundbars, Sonos Sub Mini could be the perfect, compact subwoofer.

At $429, the new Sonos Sub Mini is a smaller and cheaper alternative to the $749 Sonos Sub. Don’t let its size or lower price tag fool you. The Sub Mini enhances your TV and music experience, with big, bold, rich, clear and balanced low end.

The new black or white, unique, cylindrical design hopes to fit into your home and blend with your furniture. Inside the acoustically sealed cabinet lies dual 6-inch, inward facing, force canceling, custom woofers, that produce full-toned low frequencies, while neutralizing distortion. Advanced processing enhances the bass response.

Sonos recommend you pair the subwoofer with their Beam or Ray soundbars, or their One or One SL speakers. Sonos are now selling sets of these speakers, with this new Sub Mini. The larger Sonos Sub is recommended to pair with the Arc, Beam, Five, Amp, Playbase, Playbar, Play:5 (Gen 2) and Play:3.

Image Credit: Sonos

As with Sonos’ other speakers, wireless-first Sub Mini’s I/O is limited, with only two ports, a power cable and optional ethernet. Sub Mini features 5 GHz WiFi for wireless connection with the rest of your Sonos network. Setup and pairing with other speakers is easy and takes place within the Sonos app. Volume automatically adjusts with the paired soundbar or speaker. Custom EQ and bass levels are adjustable in the app.

Sonos Sub Mini features Trueplay technology. As on many Sonos speakers and other high-end gear, this tunes and adapts the bass to the acoustics of the room, so that the sound isn’t harsh, muddy or flat, no matter where it’s placed.

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Sub Mini is available to order today from