Image Credit: Digital DJ Tips

Stem separation & isolation is a new feature in Serato’s Serato DJ Pro 3.0 and free Serato DJ Lite 3.0.

Serato Stems is the brand’s answer to Algoriddim’s djay stem separation, reports MusicTech.

Now, you can use Serato Stems to isolate elements of a song such as bass, melody, drums, and vocals to enhance your performance. Furthermore, Serato Stems feature stem-specific effects such as vocal echo, instrumental echo, instrumental braker, and drums echo.

Therefore, you can use these effects to transition between isolated stems creatively.

As a result, Serato Stems provides DJs with new blending options. No longer are DJs limited to jumping from track to track, they can make those transitions more personal with stems from other tracks.

And Serato Stems allows you to add stems on top of a playing track. If you only want the breakbeat or the vocal line from your outgoing track, Serato Stems allows you to track to utilize that layer seamlessly.

Serato says that the machine learning stem separation algorithm in the software, in addition to Serato’s user experience and audio quality, offers an “unrivaled” and “sophisticated high-performance product” compared to its competition.

We wanted to get it to sound as good as possible but we also wanted to make sure [DJs] could use those stems immediately as soon as the inspiration took them.

Daniel McBride, Serato audio research engineer

Danny Gonzales, another audio research engineer, states that Serato listened to DJs and addressed the characteristics of a stem separation tool they would want to take advantage of with sound quality being important.

Serato Stems promises to be a great tool for DJs looking to isolate elements of songs and move away from the limitations of Treble, Mid, and Bass controls.

After all, isolating vocals without capturing the treble frequencies of drums is pretty difficult with these traditional controls.

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