Sonos are suing Google over their speaker patents

Sonos have added five more speakers to a lawsuit begun at the start of the year over infringing on their speakers.

At the start of the year, Sonos sued Google claiming that the company had violated five of their speaker patents. Amongst the allegedly infringed patents was one for allowing wireless speakers to sync up to each other.

Later in the year, in June, Google countersued Sonos for supposedly using their technologies without paying a licensing fee. Now the latest to come from the case is that Sonos have added 5 new patents to their lawsuit over infringement claims.

A statement from the company said: “Google has chosen to double down on its disregard for IP and smaller American inventors and we believe it is vitally important that Sonos, both for its own sake and for that of other smaller innovative companies, stand up to monopolists who try to copy and subsidize their way to further domination.”

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