Songkick has just partnered with YouTube to offer concert suggestions to users. Songkick is a live music recommendation and discovery service which helps users find out when certain bands are playing in their area.

Sitting within the re-launched site, Songkick will power concert recommendations in the ‘Events Near You’ section which draws on a user’s IP address to pinpoint their location. Sometimes this becomes an issue when your IP is located at a completely different part of the country (which we found that our IP was in Oxford, not in Cornwall!).

Songkick CEO Ian Hogarth, “From our point of view, this is one step closer to making it incredibly easy to find local concerts, whether you’re on Songkick or on another site discovering music […] It’s kind of early days, but it seems like a very significant number of people are coming through, finding out more about the show, buying tickets, etc.”