Something For The Weekend – Educational Rap

So it’s finally over. If today’s gloomy greyness is anything to go by it’s fair to assume that the summer has been and gone. As someone who finds summer massively overrated I’m totally okay with this. I appreciate I am in a minority group here, and with what looks like a wet and cold weekend looming towards us and preventing any kind of outdoor activity I’ve searched this here internet for some audio treats that will not only entertain you’re simple minds but also get some knowledge into your bonce.

Educational Rap is an American organisation that is trying to tread that all too familiar (and usually desperately embarrassing) ground of making education cool for young people. I went in thinking I was going to laugh and cringe my way through their SoundCloud page, but to my immense disappointment I actually enjoyed the music and learned something I had previously been unsure about regarding grammar.

Have a little listen to the embedded examples below and if you like what you hear give their SoundCloud page a visit, there’s plenty on there to keep you going for absolutely hours.

Until next time.

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50 States, 50 Capitals by educationalrap

Grammar Goodies by educationalrap

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