Solid State Logic X-Gate: creative sound design and audio restoration

Image Credit: Solid State Logic

SSL X-Gate features SSL’s renowned advanced workflow; suited to musicians, mix engineers and content creators.

SSL X-Gate features a rolling waveform graph for visual analysis. The inclusion of mid/side will allow for creative stereo field gating, in addition a fixed expander mode, and built-in ducking.

With its multitude of features, X-Gate is set to be a tool for creative sound design, in addition to audio restoration and mixing.

SSL X-Gate

The rolling waveform visualisation graph empowers you to set the right threshold for your audio. Furthermore, the threshold and range controls are visually aligned with the waveform graph and the gain reduction meter for “coordinated control”.

X-Gate makes use of a “traffic light system” that informs you of the momentary open, closed, and hold states of the gate.

Moreover, you can trigger the gate more creatively with MID/SIDE processing options and specify whether the plugin should gate the mono or stereo elements of your signal.

Fast, snappy and precise, X-Gate is guaranteed to be your new workhorse plug-in for shaping drums and other instruments, adding punch to your mixes, and transparently fixing ghost notes, noise or room bleed

Jonathan Sandman, Plug-ins Product Manager at SSL

Traditional attack, release and hold parameters give you control over the final shape of your output too. And you can use the expander mode and knee control to expand the dynamic range of your signal.

More advanced options include the lookahead feature which enables the plugin to anticipate fluctuations in your signal. Additionally, duck mode only attenuates the signal when it breaches your threshold.

Finally, you can audition the sidechain and gate functions for A/B testing.

Price and compatibility

You can get SSL X-Gate now in VST2, VST3, AAX and AU plugin formats. It’s available for just $89 until July 28th, whereafter it’ll be $129. Apple M1 processor compatible is available too.

However, you can get X-Gate and a lot more from Solid State Logic in SSL’s Complete plugin subscription service for $14.99 a month.

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