Shameless Self Promotion – Polina Kourakina

Polina KourakinaBand Name: Polina Kourakina
Genre:  Acoustic Alternative with a hint of Jazz and Blues.

[EDIT: 3rd person from a 1st person perspective usually makes my hackles rise, but Polina is really enthusiastic about her music, so give her a chance and check out her stuff 🙂 ] When Polina Kourakina steps up on stage, there’s a small giggle and wink of a smile across her face. She then lightly hops up on the stool provided for all the show and tell individuals, and clears her throat. She then quickly makes the scene fill with a presence of calm serenity and young minded spirit by stating “here’s my soul in a bundle of 6 strings tightly wound on my guitar”. The song starts slowly, increasing in tempo, which makes your heart beat with the rhythm. Finally an astounding sound of a voice crawls out of that tiny little girl, proclaiming her love for the music. The reason I believe polina kourakina is so unique compared to other musicians is how she controls the scene, and draws people in with her choice of poetry, and chord progressions. Undeniably I cannot see her on the face of some poppy magazine cover, but yet on a tour bus heading to a strongly awaiting town of individuals waiting to hear the songs of life, love, pain, and hope. What does her music sound like? It’s soothing, original and calms the soul. Polina has played in many places, from café’s in D.C., to the dive in bar in San Diego. This shows to most that no matter what coast you’re on, you’ll love what you hear. She, will be the best, and greatest, but what this little young lady has, no other can match up to. Her love for the music, you
see through her soul when she is on stage. The riffs with her voice, the choice of jazz notations seep into your every crevice finding you inside. Inspired by her mom, and loved ones.

YouTube .com:

Polina-Catching the Port

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