Seaboard Makers ROLI Raise $27 Million For Market Expansion

ROLI, creators of the unique, expressive Seaboard keyboards, have raised $27 million in financing after quintupling their company in 3 years.

The Seaboard keyboards are unique in their playability, letting you explore and play the whole keyboard beyond the traditional buttons. This allows for unparalleled playing as you can bend, glide and slide along the notes.

Creators, ROLI, have come a long way since their beginnings when CEO Roland Lamb wanted to take his idea to the masses. Now Lamb and co have raised a whopping $27 million to help build the company and expand their product availability further around the globe.

ROLI have made improvements to the Seaboard recently. It’s initial creator, Roland Lamb said: “We’ve now introduced more dimensions, which means there are more complex gestures. On the RISE you can slide up and down the key to modulate. The piano fundamental offers one dimension of touch, how you strike the key. The Seaboard offers five. It takes advantage of the massive expressive capability of synthesis and of a computer.”

ROLI funding

Talking on the funding Lamb said: “We have an interesting selection of supporters now who I think believe in this vision. It’s not a coincidence that a lot of that investment is coming from the US, because we’re very much leaning into the US. About 20% of our team is located here, and I think that figure is going to grow. We’re going to be hiring product, engineering and marketing, both in Europe and [in the States]. We see a big opportunity for market expansion here and globally.”

As it stands Seaboards are available from 200 retailers across the world. ROLI recently expanded their reach to India and Japan, with plans to introduce their keyboards into other countries in the near future. Hopefully their new set of funding should push this expansion forward.

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