Samsung Quit Milk-ing Failed Music Service and Shut It Down

After various iterations, expansions and failures Samsung are closing up shop with their attempt at a music streaming service – Milk.

Self-titled (unfortunately) as “The Next Big Thing In Music”, Milk is shutting down after rumours of it’s closure┬áhave circulated for the past couple weeks. Milk was meant to be Samsungs own competition to Pandora and other streaming services but after two years of trying to make it relevant Samsung are closing the service as part of “a bigger revamp of its music strategy”.

Samsung first launched Milk exclusively on their mobile phones to entice customers into buying their smartphones. When it was ignored Samsung took it online to introduce it to everyone as the next big music streamer, but still no-one cared. “Right”, thought Samsung. “We’ll put it on our Smart TVs, that will encourage people… won’t it?”.
Nope. If you thought this tale of woe couldn’t get any more tragic, you’re wrong. In 2014 Samsung launched ‘Milk Video’, a platform for short videos that doubled up as a sports and advertising platform. If you can believe it –┬áMilk Video failed even harder.

Last November Samsung put Milk Video out of it’s misery and now the original Milk Music is going too. It was a good attempt (sort of?) but maybe Samsung should stick to their stellar electronic products and leave streaming music and videos to those who know how to. And let this serve as a message to all you multi-billion-dollar companies that are definitely reading this; just because you have money to throw at a product doesn’t mean it will work.

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