We’re taking RouteNote Sessions to Brighton joined by some of the incredible Cornish acts that helped kick the sessions off in the early days.

In the seaside city of Brighton, once a year the Great Escape invades the city to fill venues with music and spread the word about the rising scenes and bands that make UK music so diverse and special.

We are proud to be bringing some of the greatest sessions to the festival with The Alternative Escape stage on Thursday evening. We’ll be joined by some of the favourite acts to have joined us in the Parlour studio:

Rue – 20:00

Rue will set the stage with her amazing magnetism that comes from her ability to blend classic soul with pure funky vibes into a beautiful whole that is sure to leave the audience’s mouths agape.

FARE – 20:45

FARE proves that you don’t need more than a microphone and a guitar to blow people away. Her beautiful set will be the second of the Cultivator showcase on Thursday.

Milo Gore – 21:35

Milo Gore will beef things up a notch, getting the crowd riled up with their unique punky brand of indie rock and leading in for the final band of the night.

L I P S – 22:40

L I P S have been taking the country by storm with radio play, gigs up and down the UK and making a noise wherever possible. This Thursday they will be closing off The Alternative Escape stage with a gig that you definitely won’t want to miss!

RouteNote Sessions Takeover – 23:30

We’ll be closing the night with a series of our very favourite RouteNote Sessions to give Brighton a taste of the incredible acts who have joined us for sessions in the past 8 months.

We want people to really experience some of the amazing music from Cornwall and further which we have had the pleasure of recording to take the Sessions across the country and get even more people watching and talking about the artists and sessions that we’re so proud of.

The main man behind the RouteNote Sessions, Ed, will be there to talk to artists and fans about what we’re doing down here and how they can get involved. 
I (Jacca) will also be there to record some lovely faces and talk to the bands. If you want to have a chat or to be featured in our Great Escape video come along and say hi!

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