RouteNote has partnered with UK Charity – Red Dreams. Red Dreams are releasing their first release with RouteNote on the 27th of October.

Below is the full press release.

TCI Tenor release EP number 2 – ‘Autumn Falls’ on 27 October 2014

TCI Tenor returns for the winter months with his new EP ‘Autumn Fall’, building on his well-received summer EP ‘The Lost Island’, with Halloween, Bonfire Night and the Commemoration of 100 years since World War 1 the inspiration for his 6 track EP.

This Hartlepool Producer is collaborating with a number of young emerging artists, as well as developing his own ‘Experiment’ range of EPs. He easily moves between the different genres and styles, whilst staying true to his personal favourite of Drum n Bass and Hip Hop.

What make TCI Tenor unique, is that each song, each EP, has a specific journey and specific story to tell, whether as an instrumental of with featured vocals. With his high achieving education background in chemistry, he love taking difference elements and creating something special.

So imagine Einstein meets early Chase and Status and you’re about half way there!

His new EP ‘Autumn Falls: Experiment 14B’ is his interpretation of the main holidays between now and Christmas. ‘Night of the Undead’ referring to Halloween, ‘Fireworks in the Sky’ all about the excitement of Bonfire Night, and ‘Remember the Fallen’ paying respect to all of those who took part in World War 1.

The EP has 2 version of each track a shortened edited version and an extended version and will be available from 27 October 2014 from all major digital download platforms.

Enjoy your sweets, sparklers and remember to buy a poppy; TCI Tenor will hopefully be back with a Christmas track.