RouteNote Elevate Presents the Statistics

As gender-related reports within the music industry increase, Elevate seizes the chance to bring them to you with our new platform. We’ve carefully selected four relevant sources, cultivating a productive dialogue surrounding gender concerns in the music industry.

Lost In The Mix:

Fix The Mix takes a look at women and non-binary producers and engineers across Digital Service Provider playlists, genres, awards, record certifications and distributors. This report expands on the existing knowledge of gender inclusion in the music industry.

The report is an opportunity for companies such as RouteNote to target their effort towards working toward more gender equality within music.

Gender pay gap:

In this post, Music Week takes a look at the pay gap between genders across major labels and other music industry companies from 2022 to 2023, and the results are well worth a look.

While a lot has been done to enhance gender equality in the music industry when it comes to pay, these stats show that we still have a long way to go.

The Jaguar Foundation:

In August 2022, the Jaguar Foundation released a leading-edge report on gender representation in UK Dance music. This report is an indispensable contribution to better understanding gender representation in UK Dance music and what can be done to make the music industry a more inclusive place, where everyone can thrive and feel safe regardless of gender.

This report dives into different areas of the industry such as live performance, streaming, radio and more.

The Annenberg study:

While this report is from January 2022, we believe that it is still valuable in acquiring a deeper understanding of gender representation across the music industry. This report shows that although we are seeing an increase in top-selling female artists, there is definitely room for improvement when it comes to having a diverse gender representation of songwriters and producers. This report was also picked up by The Guardian in January 2023, highlighting that women behind the music still often encounter barriers when it comes to inclusion.