Turn your surround sound tracks into stereo or your stereo tracks into mono, online, quickly, easily and for free on RouteNote Convert.

Downmixing is the process of reducing the number of audio channels of your audio file. This can be super useful to quickly turn your surround sound tracks to stereo, or stereo tracks to mono. RouteNote Convert offers this feature, free of charge. You don’t even need an account!

How to use Downmixer on RouteNote Convert

  • Simply head to convert.routenote.com
  • Head to EffectsDownmixer in the top menu
  • Drop your audio file into the box or browse with CHOOSE FILE
  • Select 2 Channels for stereo. Select 1 Channel for mono. Then click Downmix.
  • Click DOWNLOAD

Once your audio file is upload-ready, head to RouteNote to get distributing to all major stores and streaming services, worldwide, for free!