Here are RouteNote we have been very open about our statistics and offering from the beginning. Today I just wanted to run through how RouteNote is progressing and what you can expect for the future moving forward.

RouteNote Growth:

As most startups in the current economic climate RouteNote is no different, we have a very limited advertising and marketing budget which of course means growth doesnt have the possibilities as it would otherwise. However, we have been seeing an increase in traffic every month which is quite positive. I think this increase in traffic has a lot to do with the great press we have been receiving from all over the web (Rev2, Techcrunch UK, CNet, and more).

Additionally, we have been keeping track of how long it has taken RouteNote to reach goals of 1000 track intervals. It took RouteNote 199 days to reach 1000 tracks online, but the next 1000 tracks only took 109 days, and this last 1000 tracks which now brings us to over 3000 tracks online took 76 days to reach. The site is rising and our service is increase and becoming more efficient everyday.


RouteNote has been developing new partnerships will all different types of companies in a variety of areas. Here at RouteNote we believe that diversity in digital music distribution is key. With download stores there are really only three main players at the moment, iTunes, eMusic and Amazon, and RouteNote has partnership argeements with all of these stores. Soon we will be adding more partnerships to help our musician push their music across the entire internet with the aim of allowing them to reach the mass market, while at the same time offering them top royalty and revenue schemes that are the best in the industry. Watch out for RouteNote partnering with some of the biggest growing music services on the web.

New Features Coming Soon:

Here at RouteNote we launched in the same way as many other startups. First you have private beta, then beta, then launch the site with a full service. Here at RouteNote we followed the same kind of structure but for us the beta tag is only there because we were yet to release our desktop upload tool. This tool and the beta tag should be completed in the coming months. Additionally, we are looking to add more services in our tools section which aims to help artists find great deals and provide them with the right tools to help self-promotion.


RouteNote is still growing at a steady pace and we are aiming over this time to increase our offering as much as possible. As a RouteNote user you will see added partners in terms of stores, mobile, streaming, licensing and others, as well as a much more rounded product offering.