Rolling Stone want to re-enliven music charts highlighting up-and-coming artists and tracks that are getting loads of traction.

Rolling Stone have announced that they will be launching their own music charts in the US. They will be competing against the other big chart purveyors for the US, Billboard who have their Hot 100 and the notorious Billboard 200.

The creatively titled ‘Rolling Stone Charts’ will feature a Top 100 Songs chart which they plan to update every day so it tracks singles in near real-time. Using streaming data Rolling Stone promise to keep the charts as accurate and transparent as possible. With digital music Rolling Stone will be able to track chart performance as it happens.

Penske Media Corporation, Rolling Stone’s parent company, have shared how they think these new charts will have an impact. Penske CEO, Jay Penske says: “What’s imperative and exciting about our new Rolling Stone Charts is that it will present a transparent, granular and real-time quantification to accurately reflect listeners’ evolving interests and give insight into worldwide trends.”

Rolling Stone have teamed up with Alpha Data to compile their charts using their music analytics service. Physical and digital sales will be included and combined with streaming data to decide the popularity of music.

As well as their daily singles chart Rolling Stone will launch a weekly updated Albums chart and the Rolling Stone Artist 500. The Rolling Stone Trending 25 is a weekly chart that will ranks the songs that have been growing the quickest in the past week. Finally the Rolling Stone Breakthrough 25 will collect artists who have broken through to the charts for the first time.

The Rolling Stone charts will launch to the public on Monday, 13th May.