ROLI return with LUMI, a rainbow keyboard that makes learning bright and fun

ROLI are bringing the fun of guitar hero into a colourful new keyboard that makes learning to play a simple and colourful joy.

ROLI are one of the most interesting instrument makers out there right now. Launching onto the scene in the last decade with their expressive keyboards revolutionising how keys could be played, they’ve since come out with more and more unique and interesting music making products.

LUMI is their newest creation. Unlike their original Seaboard which looked to enhance the possibilities for already accomplished keyboard players, the LUMI uses it’s bright and intuitive design to help beginners and amateurs start playing songs in no time.

Every key has a colourful light inside it which guides players with visual keys through songs and lessons. When paired with their LUMI app the keyboard becomes a sort-of functional guitar hero style keyboard that users can easily get to grips with.

Place a device with the app open above your keyboard and users can easily play along to songs as the colour-coded keys come towards you and show you where to play. Increasing difficulties upon a huge range of songs and lessons allow players to dive in simply and engage in a fun and unique way whilst getting to grips with how to play.

The mini-keyboard has been designed small to serve two functions. For a start, a full sized keyboard can be overwhelming to begin with and the playable range of a smaller keyboard is much more accessible. Secondly, it makes the LUMI incredibly portable to take on the go and learn/play wherever you are.

LUMI comes with two content packs. When you purchase a LUMI you get an Essential pack of 40 songs, 60+ lessons and 72 exercises to launch your playing with for free. Then you can upgrade to take your playing to the next level with LUMI Complete providing 400+ songs, 130+ lessons, and 380 exercises for $9.99 a month or an annual membership reducing it to $6.67 a month.

LUMI is available to pre-order from today. Head to their website to find out more and get yourself a LUMI on early access as they will probably sell out quick!

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