Roland’s V-Drum Series

The Roland V-Drum presser is the latest release by Roland’s increasingly better looking electric kit range. The TD-20SX is basically a nice balance of Midi and built in sounds and better kit resonance with a module that boasts the best aspects of two other earlier models from Roland in one module. The TD-20X module combines the features of the popular TD-20 and TDW-20 expansion boards in one unit. With over 900 expressive, dynamic sounds, 100 different internal kits and the latest V-Edit features, including kit resonance, additional microphone parameters and much more leaving you with a handsome arsenal of incredible sounds.

Drum specs sit like this:

  • TD 20X Percussion Sound Module x 1
  • PD 125X V Pad x 2
  • PD 125XS V Pad (Snare) x 1
  • PD 105X V Pad x 2
  • VH 12-SV V Hi-Hat x 1
  • CY 14C-SV V Cymbal Crash x 2
  • CY 15R-SV V Cymbal Ride x
  • 1KD 140 V Kick x 1

With prices for this particular kit starting at £2,699 the TD-2oSX is by far the most expensive kit in the range but you can buy from as low as £120. The promo below is the best showcase we could find for the different voice in the library of sounds it comes with, as well as a short explanation of the unique features.

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