Searches for “rock music,” “alt/rock,” and “rock band” are up 600% on Spotify, but rock fans aren’t sure about their new MARROW playlist.

Spotify has seen a 600% rise in searches for rock terms and related subgenres including alternative metal, post-grunge and indie rock.

Additionally, many artists are seeing bumps in streams and searches across the board, from emerging artists like Jack Kays, julie, and Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers to greats from previous generations like Mother Mother, Deftones, and Arctic Monkeys, leading to more discoveries, especially from Gen Z on Spotify.


To celebrate the re-birth of rock music, Spotify has launched a new playlist MARROW, alongside a true crime drama-style trailer, starring rock artists KennyHoopla, Destroy Boys, and The Beaches.

While Spotify are calling this a “new playlist”, it’s technically more of a rebrand. MARROW replaces the Rock This playlist, hence the already over 4.6 million followers.

MARROW features a very wide range in “rock” music, with artists from Bring Me The Horizon and 100 gecs, to Twenty One Pilots and The Last Dinner Party. Some users have voiced their opinion about the change on Reddit.

So Spotify killed the Rock This playlist a couple days ago and replaced it with some pop-rock/light alt thing called Marrow. That was one of my favourite playlists for current rock, it bridged the gap between Alt Now and Kickass Metal.

u/OnionNo4456 on Reddit

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