Image Credit: Social Media Today

TikTok has announced that they’re rolling out a new feature that lets users take more control of their content feed.

TikTok is set to roll out a new feature enabling you to reset your TikTok feed. As a result, you can refresh your feed if you no longer enjoy the content TikTok’s algorithm recommends to you.

After a while of doom-scrolling, our TikTok feeds tend to become a bit boring. Whether we’re shown a video that doesn’t make us laugh like the previous one where that cat did a backflip or we’re shown the same video excessively, a setting where we can tell TikTok we’re not chucking as we could comes in handy.

Refresh your TikTok when the content runs dry

Well, TikTok is finally supplying the goods. Now, TikTok is rolling out a new feature to all users which enables them to start their TikTok feed afresh. If you’re no longer enjoying the stream of content it’s supplying then you can tell the algorithm just that.

TikTok has been testing a new process over the last few months that lets its users start their feed again by resetting what the algorithm thinks the user may be interested in seeing.

TikTok has been testing a new process over the last few months that lets its users start their feed over again by resetting what the algorithm thinks the user may be interested in seeing.
Image Credit: Social Media Today

On TikTok, For You feeds help people discover a diversity of content, creators, communities, and products. But we also understand that there are times when people’s recommendations don’t feel relevant anymore, or provide enough topical variety. So, we’re rolling out a way to refresh For You feed recommendations if they no longer feel like they’re for you. When enabled, this feature allows someone to view content on their For You feed as if they just signed up for TikTok. Our recommendation system will then begin to surface more content based on new interactions.


Ultimately, TikTok users will have more freedom to determine how their experience using the app plays out. This is something that isn’t so readily available in social apps like Facebook & Instagram. Whereas TikTok uses an advanced algorithm that determines what content to show you based on your viewing habits, platforms like Facebook uses your likes & subscriptions to determine what content to show you.

Meanwhile, TikTok’s algorithm learns faster than other platforms as your behaviors in the app continuously update and refine its algorithmic system. As a result, TikTok can showcase the best-performing videos from across the app – unlike Facebook, which is limited to your connections on the site and your activity.

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