SweetVinyl have revealed their new product which can detect unwanted noise in vinyl records and make them good as new again.

As vinyl’s popularity is resurrected via nostalgia so does the realisation that maybe you should’ve look after all of those big plastic discs that contained your favourite music. Now whenever you get a moment of nostalgia and flip a record onto your turntable all you hear is cacophonous snaps, crackles, and pops on top of what was once a melody.

vinyl record recording noise removal pop crack turntables digital stereo hq interfaceSweetVinyl have you covered with their new product – SugarCube SC-1. The SugarCube SC-1 can detect unwanted noise in the playback of records and remove them in real time all thanks to SweetVinyl’s algorithm. So bust out your old records and get nostalgic!

The SC-1’s innovative technology will be available on it’s own though SweetVinyl are integrating the tech into the SugarCube SC-2, their high quality digital vinyl recording device. The SC-1 can be outputted to speakers or mixers if you want to record your vinyl manually rather than using the SC-2’s sophisticated Vinyl recording.
SweetVinyl’s founder, Leo Hoarty said: “The SugarCube SC-1 is a must have for the vinyl enthusiast who enjoys older records – it is truly amazing to hear a previously unplayable vinyl LP sound like it was just pressed with no vinyl record recording noise removal pop crack turntables digital stereo hq interfacesonic degradation.”

The SC-1’s full capabilities are:

  • Real-Time, Non-Destructive Click & Pop Removal
  • User controllable strength of Click & Pop removal setting
  • Pushbutton audiophile-grade internal bypass
  • iOS and Android mobile apps for controlling the device
  • 192k/24 bit hi-res digital processing

The SC-2 lets you record vinyl records in high definition easily. Choose everything from encoding to
format to gain limits and more. Using SweetVinyl’s intelligent software the SugarCube app can detect the artist, split up the tracks automatically, and much more.

The SugarCube SC-1 is planned to release in the first quarter of 2017 with a retail price around $1,500. Find out more here.