Reason+ is the new subscription service from the music production software company, combining the full DAW with weekly inspiring sound packs.

Reason+ is free for one month, then $19.99 per month or $199 per year. If you already own Reason, you can get 50% off your first year, until 27th April 2021. Click here to get started. So what does Reason+ include?

  • Weekly inspiring sound packs – The Reason Companion app includes musical building blocks that go well together and can be changed how ever you want. They are created by world class sound designers in the Reason Rack.
  • 70+ legendary instruments & effects – Combined in any possible way, these have been used to craft artists’ identities, making countless hits and unique sounds.
  • Plugin rack for creative sound design – Reason can be used as a standalone DAW to record and edit, or within other music production suites such as Logic, Ableton, Bitwig, Studio One, Cubase etc. as a VST/AU/AAX plugin.
  • Up-to-date Reason software

Reason+ is the perfect addition to Ableton Live, Apple Logic, FL Studio or Avid Pro Tools. With all our instruments and effects, combined with a constant stream of inspiring Sound Packs that plug directly into your favourite audio host application, you get great sounds immediately that you can tweak a little or a lot to get that one-of-a-kind sound. Like samples, Sound Packs speed up the music-making process, triggering ideas quickly. However, unlike samples that often make you sound just like everybody else, Sound Packs take you way beyond. Adjust parameters, add effects, swap an instrument, change signal flow, make it yours. If you want to be unique, original, quirky, Reason+ is what you need.

Timothy Self, Chief Experience Officer, Reason Studios

We’ve seen many software suites move to a subscription based service in recent years, such as Adobe and Microsoft Office, to ensure a continual supply of income. One of the main sellling point of FL Studio is their Lifetime Free Updates promise, from a one-off payment. It seems this point has resonated through the video below, with 270 likes to 1.1k dislikes. $19.99 per month can seem a lot more manageable than a one-off $399 payment for those on a budget. Will Reason’s weekly new sounds justify the monthly cost? That remains to be seen.

Reason Studios are still selling the traditional Reason software and are promising to keep developing it.