Rdio is the streaming service that tunes itself to your tastes, playing radio stations based on your choices and recommended music. Now Rdio is expanding it’s service by adding live radio stations to it’s roster.

The live broadcast radio stations are free to access along with it’s other services and has started with 500 radio stations that are owned and run by Rdio’s partner – Cumulus Media. The radio stations are from states, cities and towns all around the US.

You can search for the live stations easily by name, call letters or frequency. You can also browse the stations by popularity or what’s local to you (for American users). It isn’t solely music stations as various sports and talk stations are available, such as KSFO in San Francisco.

Once you listen to a station you will find recommendations for similar stations, recently played songs and more. If you like a song that you’re listening to live you can favourite it, download it and listen to it offline.

You can try out Rdio’s new live stations or sign up at their website here.