The retired rapper has built a huge following during Lockdown streaming himself on Twitch but has been denied playing his own music by UMG.

Logic announced his retirement from music earlier this year, stating that he wanted to focus on being “a great father”. He has since become a prolific streamer on Twitch and seems to have found himself part of the community and is now calling out his major label, Universal Music Group, for not allowing use of his music on streams.

In a tweet he specifically shouted out streamer Ninja saying: “Too many of my gaming homies wanted to play my music during stream and on YouTube but @UMG wont let me. I want 2 give to this great community and allow them 2 use my music for free! This is beyond a dollar sign. I want the community to enjoy my music #HowSway

His callout follows a stream of tweets by Kanye West complaining about how major labels work and take ownership and the majority of earnings for his music and other artists. Logic signed exclusively to Twitch back in July.

At RouteNote, the need for artists to take control over their own destiny resonates powerfully and it’s a tale we’ve been hearing from artists stuck with major labels for years. That’s why we created an independent distribution platform that gives artists full control over getting their music out there and heard.