Kanye’s recent Twitter outburst speaks to many artist around the world trapped in label and publishing deals. But the solution he calls for is already here in independent music distribution.

Kanye’s no stranger to going on huge Twitter rants, and we think he’s hit on some hugely important points this time. Over anger at his lack of ownership over his music which, whether you like it or not, he has dedicated much of his life to creating and perfecting he’s attacked the big label-based music industry and its structures.

His series of tweets describe the many ways in which artists should have more control and rights over their music and we totally agree! The thing is, RouteNote have already been providing these opportunities to artists for years.

The artist always has 100% control and rights to their music on RouteNote, forever.

We split it even more, 85/15 in the artist’s favour and 100% goes to artists on Premium.

It’s important to understand exactly what you’re doing to fully launch your music career but it’s also hugely valuable to create a music community that all looks out for each other.

We make our terms easy to read and understand and are happy to answer any questions you have. There are no smoke screens on RouteNote.

Don’t be dependent – be independent! You have full control over what you do with your music on RouteNote and we provide you full streaming and sales statistics so you can look as in-depth as you like at how your music performs and what you are receiving.

Yes, when you are in control of your music distribution you want to know exactly what’s happening with it. Our dashboards give you in-depth analytics and control over your music.

So Kanye, we’ve been helping to transform the industry in a world where artists have the power and capability to take the reins of their own music careers.

If you want to have a chat, Kanye, get in touch – and to all the rest of you too, we are here for you to make a world of music that works for the musicians and creators in a new digital world that makes it possible.