Push.fm – Free smart links for podcasts

Push.fm provide free smart links for your podcasts, music, social media and more, with full customization options.

Our partner site Push.fm designed smart links, or as we call them fan links, to help artists and labels share all of the different stores and streaming services their music lives on. However, with full customization, we’ve seen fan links used in many creative ways.

Fan links are a great way to share your show on multiple different podcast platforms. Below I show how easy it is to:

1. Login to Push.fm and click Create New CampaignFan Link.

Push Podcast Fan Link Step 1

2. Here you can enter one of the platforms and Push will automatically gather as much information about the release as it can, such as album art and title. Spotify works quite well here. As my podcast isn’t on Spotify, I’ll just leave it blank and enter details manually. Click Next Step once done.

Push Podcast Fan Link Step 2

3. Enter the titles, a custom URL (unless you’d rather a random one) and cover art. Click Next Step once you’ve entered all the details.

Push Podcast Fan Link Step 3

4. Enter in the Service Name, Service Logo, Service URL and desired text for each platform. Once you’ve added all of the platforms your podcast lives on, click Next Step.

Push Podcast Fan Link Step 4

5. Type the Campaign Name so you can easily find it in your Push dashboard. Click Launch Campaign once you’re ready to publish it.

Push Podcast Fan Link Step 5

6. Here’s a link to the example Fan Link I created in seconds.

Push Podcast Fan Link Step 6

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