Plan your eco-conscious concert tours with Zero Carbon Roadie

With the environment at the forefront of concerns for many this new project is helping bands and artists plan their tours to reduce their impact.

People all around the globe are talking about the environmental impact of everything we do. With many musicians and artists talking about what is happening with planet, touring has been notably highlighted as a big source of emissions in the music industry.

Project Zero are launching a new carbon calculator just for touring artists to help them calculate how much impact they’ll be having and provide solutions on how to reduce their impact. Their new project is affectionately called Zero Carbon Roadie.

The project will make it easy for artists and their teams to calculate the impact of their ravel, haulage, power they’re generating on the way and more. Using Project Zero’s Blue Carbon Fund they can then try to offset their impact.

Project Zero’s CEO Michele Clarke says: “Zero Carbon Roadie is a tool that has been specifically designed to inspire tours to invest in blue carbon projects that will sequester that carbon for hundreds of years.”

They are planning to launch the tool very soon and expand it later in the year with more advanced tools. Artists can email them to sign up for the first version of Zero Carbon Roadie at:

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