Pioneer are a top of the range DJ Software company and until a few years back there low range equipment hasn’t really received any praise until the release of the DDJ- SB2 in Mid 2015. This low cost controller works with Serato to combine the best beginner DJ experience to learn and improve on.

The DDJ-SB2 is loaded with features such as; filter fade, Serato DJ FX, manual and auto loop, slip mode and a talk-over function amongst many other things. You can lay your hands on one of these bad boys for around just £200 and at that price, this controller is definitely the best thing on the market. Being a DJ myself I have a number of decks and controllers and actually out of all the controllers including much more high range decks, I prefer the SB2.

Some of the major benefits of this deck is that its small, light and easy to transport, this makes it great for just being able to turn up at gigs or friends party’s and plug in via usb with just this and your laptop. The controller is compatible with both Mac and Window’s and is easy to set up within minutes.

There are a number of options with the Serato software, you can either use Serato Intro which enables you to use Basic FX Pack, 4 Samples and Cue Points, Basic Sync, 2 display modes and 2 or 4 deck control. If you wish to upgrade to full ‘Serato DJ Suite’ it then boosts these functions giving you such upgrades as Full FX packs, Slip Mode, Remote Support, Quantize and Serato Video for just over £10 a month.

One thing I find i really enjoy about the full package is ‘Slip Mode’, this allows you slip back and forth between your cue points without the track stopping, so after releasing your cue your track continues to where it would have been if the cue had not been enabled. Here’s a link to a Slip Mode Tutorial – Slip Mode Youtube Tutorial.

The SB2 in whole is a great controller especially with Serato DJ, the versatility of the controller of brilliant and very responsive, I would thoroughly suggest every aspiring DJ having a go on this controller. If you want to learn more about the DDJ SB2, I will leave a few links below to videos and websites to get you started and up and running.

Pioneer DDJ-SB2 Official Introduction

Serato DDJ SB2 Walk-through

Pioneer Official Website