Should I copyright my music before putting it on YouTube?

YouTube Content ID protects your music on the platform, and you can get it for free by uploading your music to RouteNote distribution.

Should I copyright my music before putting it on YouTube? Yes – to ensure your music is protected on YouTube, you should first make sure your song is in the YouTube Content ID system. Free distribution with RouteNote makes it simple to get paid for streams of your music on YouTube.

Fight for your rights! Adding your music to YouTube Content ID with RouteNote protects your music across the whole wonderful world of YouTube, so you always get paid whenever your songs are used in videos including YouTube Shorts. Content ID trawls the site and automatically finds your songs.

To get set up, it’s as simple as selecting YouTube Content ID in the stores when you upload your tracks to RouteNote. After a few weeks, YouTube will put your music into the system and you’ll start to earn from the views of videos that use your music.

Content ID is based on the audio copyright, directing the flow of revenue to you, the owner of the music copyright, without impacting the uploader’s channels – it’s not a copyright strike.

If you’re an artist who doesn’t meet YouTube’s partner requirements to monetise your own music channel, Content ID is also a useful way to earn money from views of your music videos.

Getting your music online with RouteNote is absolutely free. As well as YouTube, we can upload your tracks to streaming services like YouTube Music and Apple Music, as well as social media platforms including TikTok. You get unlimited uploads and keep 85% of revenue. If you know your release is going to generate a lot of plays and streams, Premium distribution costs a small amount and lets you keep 100% of earnings.

So, to ensure you protect your rights as an artist, make sure you select Copyright ID when you upload your music to RouteNote.

Head here to sign up to RouteNote and get started for free today.

Does it cost to upload to Spotify?

Is it free to upload to Spotify? Yes, as long as you have a music distributor you can trust.

Does it cost to upload to Spotify? No. It won’t cost you anything if you upload your music to Spotify using RouteNote. We offer unlimited free music distribution, putting your music on Spotify and all the top music streaming platforms and download stores, without it costing you a penny.

Artists can’t upload music directly onto Spotify themselves. To release your music on streaming services you need a music distributor.

Different digital music distributors will charge you varying amounts to release your music online. The thing to watch out for is hidden fees. Is your apparently cost-free music distribution actually going to cost you more in the long run?

At RouteNote we offer free distribution to Spotify. You get unlimited uploads to streaming services around the world. We protect your music rights on YouTube and monetise your music on social media with no extra charges.

There’s no fees involved – once your music starts earning royalties, you keep 85% of all revenue.

Trust and transparency are important to us. You’re never locked into a contract, and at all times you’re free to switch distributor or move to our Premium distribution. Premium, by the way, lets you keep 100% of the revenue you earn, in exchange for a small upfront free and yearly charge.

Again, transparency is key. You always keep all the rights to your music.

We’ve been supporting independent artists and indie record labels since 2007. Find out more here and upload your music to Spotify for free with RouteNote today and start earning money from your music.

What is the best site to sell your music?

As the majority of the music industry and listeners move to a streaming-first world, some artists prefer to exclusively sell their music and some listeners prefer to own the music they listen to.

For artists, what are the advantages to selling your music over streaming?

As artists, each sale is worth significantly more revenue than a stream. Typically each track on iTunes in the US is $0.99, though this can be customized when you distribute with RouteNote. While it’s difficult to calculate how much each stream is worth, Hypebot estimated Spotify’s pay rate at around $0.003 – $0.005. Although purchases are much more valuable, remember that the majority of audiences have exclusively moved to streaming services, and the pay rate is per stream, not per listener. Also don’t forget streaming is a great way to introduce yourself to new listeners who may not have otherwise discovered you.

For listeners, what are the advantages to buying your music over streaming?

Some listeners prefer to own the music they listen to. When you stream music, whether you use ad-supported services or pay a monthly subscription, you are essentially renting the music you listen to. When you buy the music from stores such as iTunes, you are buying a DRM-free copy of the track. This means the music is yours to do with as you like. For those who don’t listen to much new music or want to further support the artists they love, purchasing songs may be a better option.

Where can I buy and sell music online?

With RouteNote, you can distribute your music for free to digital stores such as iTunes, Amazon Music, eMusic, Melon, 7digital, Bugs!, Tencent Music (QQ Music, Kugou, Kuwo) and Qobuz. We can also deliver your music to all the top streaming services too, such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Deezer, TIDAL and many more.

While more and more audiences shift to streaming, there will likely still be an audience for buying digital music online in some form for the foreseeable. Whether you want to exclusively sell your music on stores, share your music to all major platforms or just want full control over where your music appears online, choose RouteNote for free music distribution, while keeping 100% of the rights to your music.

Spotify celebrates 7 years of their K-Pop Daebak playlist

Image Credit: Spotify

Spotify launched their K-pop playlist back in September 2014. Today K-Pop Daebak has pulled in millions of followers and billions of streams.

Seven years after launching their flagship, first-of-its-kind playlist, K-Pop Daebak has become a home to the K-pop genre on Spotify. According to Spotify, the playlist has since gained 1.7 billion accumulated streams, 3.1 million followers and nearly 5.3 billion minutes of streaming. That’s around 88 million hours or 10 thousand years. Over the seven years, the playlist has introduced fans worldwide to approximately 70,000 tracks.

K-Pop Daebak is one of the most important hubs of the genre, connecting K-pop to a global audience. The majority of listeners are Gen Z, with over half of the streams coming from those aged 18 to 24 years old. As for the top 10 countries streaming the playlist, the United States comes in first, followed by Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, Brazil and Australia.

You’ll find K-Pop Daebak as well as a wide range of playlists and music from Korean artists in Spotify’s K-pop hub. The hub hosts playlists such as RADAR Korea and Fresh Finds Korea – helping listeners discover rising Korean artists, R&B and hip-hop focused playlists like TrenChill K-R&B and K-Hip Hop +82, plus indie music-focused In The K-Indie. Alongside genre playlists, you’ll also find theme, mood and moment focused playlists to soundtrack your entire day.

With Spotify launching in Korea last February, the music streaming service say they have accelerated their support for Korean labels and artists “by providing Masterclasses of our Spotify for Artists platform featuring various cutting-edge tools and data to empower them to connect with a larger global audience.”

The following infographic shows the latest streaming data around K-Pop Daebak from Spotify:

Spotify K-Pop Daebak infographic
Image Credit: Spotify

Spotify is dedicated to connecting Korean artists and their work to listeners all over the world, so that music can be discovered and enjoyed far and wide across borders. This has [been], and will continue to be, our mission in Korea for the long term and we are honored to serve as a bridge that connects K-pop and Korean artists to the world.

Kossy Ng, Head of Music, Asia, Spotify

Fancy getting your own music on Spotify’s K-Pop Daebak or just about any other editorial playlist? Upload your music to RouteNote today for free, distribute to Spotify, then follow these instruction for playlist consideration.

Find the top 5 most-followed South Korean artists on Spotify today here.

K-pop isn’t just making waves across Spotify. BLACKPINK are now YouTube’s number one artist.

How to watch Apple announce the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7 (probably)

Apple’s “California streaming” live event is scheduled for tomorrow. While details from Apple are scarce, here’s what we’re expecting to see.

We’re about 24 hours from Apple’s next keynote. As usual, Apple are being tight lipped about what we’ll see on stage. Beyond rumours, leaks and predictions, all we have to go off from Apple are the title “California streaming”, the graphic above and Apple’s usual yearly cycle.

As is typical from Apple in September, most predictions online are pointed towards the launch of the iPhone 12S/13 and Apple Watch Series 7, however we may also see the AirPods 3. We should also hear the release date for iOS 15 and watchOS 8. Although not confirmed, Apple are thought to be holding one or two more events later this year, where we’re hoping to see a larger/more powerful iMac, 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros, redesigned iPad mini, redesigned Mac mini, and AirPods Pro 2. Find details for all Apple products expected this year and beyond here.

Kick off is tomorrow, September 14th, at 10am PDT, 1pm ET and 6pm in the UK. Find the stream or get reminded prior to the start on YouTube or

How much money is 1000 streams?

How much money do you get for 1000 streams on Spotify, Apple Music and other music streaming services?

How much money is 1000 streams? An artist on a streaming service makes between $3 to $5 for 1000 streams. That’s based on some estimates. But a more accurate answer would be – it depends.

How much is a stream worth?

Unhelpfully, how much a stream is worth is complicated. Music streaming services pay out on a pro-rata basis, which means subscription payments from users go into a big pot that gets divvied up based on the percentage of the total streams on the platform that each artist has.

Payments are also influenced by factors like which streaming platform you’re on and in which territory, and what subscription the listener pays. There’s also the question of whether the artist being streamed is signed to a label who might take a large cut of their revenue. Ultimately, each artist will have a unique pay per-stream.

What streaming service pays the most?

In April 2021 Apple Music announced it pays artists $0.01 a stream. Spotify launched a website to spell out their payments, Loud and Clear, but said they couldn’t calculate how much a stream is worth. We explored the Spotify average pay rate here – it’s around $0.003 to $0.005 a stream. So, for 1000 streams an artist would earn about $3 to $5.

Is streaming bad for artists?

The amount an artist earns from people streaming your music might not seem inspiring, but releasing your music onto streaming platforms is a vital part of being an artist. Streaming offers the opportunity for any artist, anywhere, to be discovered by millions of potential listeners, without needing a record label.

Conversations have been started in recent years about the fairness of streaming payouts for artists, with a government inquiry into the economics of streaming happening in the UK just this year. SoundCloud made moves this year towards a user-centric payment system for artists, meaning listener’s subscription money goes only to the artists they stream, rather than into the pro-rata pot.

How to make money releasing music

While streaming alone might not make you rich, one thing you can do is take control of your music to maximise your payments. Ticket sales and merchandise help to boost income for artists. Similarly, making smart promotional and distribution decisions is a must.

Does your music distributor get your music in front of the most listeners possible without charging you a fortune? At RouteNote we distribute music for free to all the major streaming platforms around the world, whilst also helping you monetise your music on social media.

When you sell your music with RouteNote you also avoid any unfair cuts that major record labels might take from your royalties. RouteNote’s free distribution doesn’t charge you for uploading your music and you keep a transparent 85% of revenue, with no hidden fees.  

Can I earn money from Spotify?

The answer is yes, and you can do so by distributing through RouteNote.

If you’re an independent musician, underground, or even established then you can generate royalties from your music, which means you will make money from your music. Thanks to the internet and services such as ours at RouteNote, you can distribute your music to a variety of platforms. Meaning that yes, you can earn money from Spotify, and you can do this for FREE with RouteNote

So how does RouteNote help artists make money? 

It’s extremely simple, you sign up for an account with RouteNote, which is free. You then upload your track, select where you want it distributed too, in this case, Spotify, upload the artwork, and then wait for approval from our friendly moderation teams. Once this receives approval it will then be distributed to your selected platforms. At RouteNote, we ensure that we put the artist first, so you keep all your rights to your art, at no point does RouteNote own your music. 

As an artist or label, all you need to do once you’ve been approved is sit back and wait for the royalties to trickle in. You will get to keep 85% of your royalties and there are no hidden fees or extra costs. Once you generate over $50 worth of royalties you will be able to cash out and reap the rewards of your creativity. 

Does RouteNote have a premium tier? 

Yes, it does! RouteNote also has a premium tier which requires a small one-time fee and an annual fee of $9.99. This allows you to keep 100% (yes you’re reading that right) of your royalties. Again, you will continue to own all your music and retain all your licensing and rights. 

Be sure to check out our service today and sign up to have your music heard across the globe and earn money during the process. We look forward to having you join our ever-growing roster of successful artists and labels. 

How do I sell a song?

Finished a new song and loving it? Why not release it. A great way to sell your music is through one of the best free music distributors.

How do I sell a song? Release your music with RouteNote for free and get your track on the biggest stores and streaming services online, so you can start making money from your music.

The days of needing a major record deal are over. Now musicians and producers can release music on their own terms, keeping total control of their music, with a little help from a good distributor like RouteNote. You can release your song to streaming services and stores and start making money from streams and downloads, without it costing you a penny.

When you release your music for free with RouteNote we make it as quick and easy as possible. We cover 95% of the digital music world, partnering with stores in territories other distributors don’t cover. We distribute music online for free, putting your music on Spotify, TIDAL, Apple Music, and all the major streaming platforms around the globe.

With Free distribution you keep 85% of revenue. If you’d prefer, there’s also a Premium tier, letting you keep 100% of revenue in exchange for a small fee. With both Free and Premium distribution you’ve never tied down, free to come and go as you please without signing away the rights to your music.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to help artists monetise their music everywhere online. Want to be the soundtrack to the next social media viral video? You can upload your music to the sound libraries of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

We also protect your music on YouTube so that you get paid every time your song is used in a video. It doesn’t matter how many different places online you want to sell your music – there’s no extra cost to you.

Want to sell your song today? Head here to find out more about what free RouteNote distribution can do for you.

YouTube forces popular Rhythm Discord music bot offline

Image credit: Nordwood Themes

YouTube continues its crack down on use of music from their platform via third parties by shutting down another Discord music bot.

We recently reported that YouTube was cracking down on third-party music bots on Discord such as Groovy bot, now they’ve turned their attention to Rhythm bot. YouTube has sent a cease and desist to the owners of Rhythm, a bot that allows Discord users to play music from YouTube videos. It’s an incredibly popular bot and has more than 560 million users. 

Google has requested that the Rhythm bot closes down within seven days, and the service has compiled and announced it will be shutting down on 15th September. 

Rhythm is currently installed on more than 20 million Discord servers and has more than 560 million users and 30 million active monthly users. This is another blow to Discord, even though they support YouTube, as it works out that roughly 20% of their users, use Rhythm. 

Speaking on the cease and desist, the creator of Rhythm Bot, Yoav, said: “One way or another we knew this was due to happen eventually.” Adding that:  “Which is why we started working on something new a year ago.” 

Discord has allowed music bots to be a part of their service for so long due to the fact that they’re third-party owned and managed, thus they didn’t face the possible scrutiny. However, Discord has said that they are working with YouTube to create an alternative for their users. 

Spotify are offering three months of Premium to new and previous members

New Spotify Premium users can get three months for free, while previous members can get three months for just $9.99.

Spotify Premium offers users unlimited, ad-free listening, with on-demand music, unlimited skips and offline playback across devices like desktop and mobile. Spotify are currently running two promotional offers for both new and old Premium users until 30th September 2021.

Those who haven’t tried Spotify Premium before can sign up now for an Individual or Student membership and receive three months for free. Spotify Premium renews automatically for $9.99 per month for individuals or $4.99 for students, but can be cancelled at any time.

For those that previously had a Spotify Premium Individual account but cancelled before 3rd August, Spotify are offering three months for $9.99. Three months of Spotify Premium usually sells for just under $30. Once again, subscriptions renew automatically, but can be cancelled at any time.

These offers are available in many regions including the US and UK. Click below to see if the offer is available in your area.

To get your own music on Spotify for free, head to RouteNote for music distribution to all of the major stores and streaming services.