Oversteps – New Autechre Album In March

autechre2Does your brain need scrubbing out after the weekend? Then you’ll be interested to note that Mancunian electronic artists Autechre have announced that they’ll be releasing a new album. Their music is a crushed up, jangling, unsettled and deeply atmospheric mix of glitchy, static sounding samples and electronic noises, sometimes over soothing synth lines and drum beats seemingly recorded over a telephone mic, sometimes blended with a brooding black wall of noise. Released and distributed through Warp on the 22nd of March, Oversteps will be Autechre’s tenth full album in a career that spans almost twenty years (their first single and EP were released in ’91 – make you feel old?). Tracklisting as follows, but if you can make head or tail of it you’re a better man than me:


01 r ess
02 ilanders
03 known(1)
04 pt2ph8
05 qplay
06 see on see
07 Treale
08 os veix3
09 O=0
10 d-sho qub
11 st epreo
12 redfall
13 krYlon
14 Yuop

There are a lot of fresh tracks (some with less than 1,000 plays) up on their white-on-white myspace page (drag highlight it if you want to actually read anything) but none of them seem to feature on the new album listing.

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