Output have big designs for what they can bring to musicians and producers including even furniture made especially with music-makers in mind.

Investment firm Summit Partners have just put $45 million into Output. The tech company was created by musicians to create technology that is tuned exactly to musicians needs and has been used for tracks by huge artists like Drake, Coldplay, Justin Bieber, and Rihanna.

Their current offerings include their Arcade software for playing loops as if they’re an instrument, a bunch of quality virtual instruments and effects, and their furniture which is created with the needs of musicians and producers in mind. Seriously, a production desk won’t meet your needs much better than these bad boys.

Output’s Founder and CEO, Gregg Lehrman says: “We are working to inspire a new generation of music makers with a platform that brings the power of a studio to anyone, wherever they are. Summit’s deep experience in consumer technology, digital media and e-commerce make them an ideal partner to help accelerate our global impact.”

Summit Partners’ Managing Director, Andrew Collins, has joined Output’s Board of Directors and said: “We believe Output is at the forefront of digital music creation, offering a truly elegant, professional-grade platform that is accessible to music makers at all levels.

“Gregg and team have built an innovative company culture and a vibrant community of musicians– and they have done it all in a thoughtful, capital efficient manner. We’re thrilled to partner with them for this next phase of growth.”