Image Credit: OnlyFans

OnlyFans want to focus on music in 2021, starting by offering aspiring music artists the chance to win $20,000.

Look, before we go any further, OnlyFans isn’t just for adult entertainment. The platform is used by actors and models, fitness gurus and influencers, as a content creation site to earn money online. High-profile musicians like Cardi B have also joined the site.

Now we’ve got that out of the way – OnlyFans is giving back to the artistic community in the form of a creative support fund. They’re launching a competition offering four aspiring music artists based in the UK the chance to win a $20,000 grant.

The OnlyFans Creative Fund seeks to give back to the creative community who have suffered during the pandemic. 2021 will focus on music. Musicians who need a boost for the next step of their journey will receive $20k towards recording and marketing and also the help of an industry mentor to guide them on their musical career. See, there’s nothing saucy about that.

Musicians who want to enter need to film themselves performing their track and upload the 90-second video. Both solo artists and groups can apply. Four artists will be chosen as winners by a panel of industry professionals, featuring rapper Stefflon Don, OnlyFans founder Tim Stokely, fashion designer Henry Holland, actress Suki Waterhouse, and musician Joe Goddard of Hot Chip fame.

OnlyFans is based in London. Founder and CEO Stokely has stated that, contrary to its steamy reputation, the platform was never marketed solely at any one industry, and that the primary idea at launch was for it to be used like influencers use social media but with the addition of a payment button. Users receive money directly from fans on a monthly basis, or from tips and pay-per-view.

The Creative Fund competition is currently only open to UK artists. Entry closes at midday on 13th April – if you’re interested, apply here.