I’m a fairly boring and entirely predictable cliche of a ‘cynical’ man. My default reaction to almost anything, be it music, television or a sentient being is to pick holes and find reasons not to like it. If I were asked to make a list of everything I hate in the world you would find pretty close to the top of that list dancing, hot weather and the sound of others having fun.
With this in mind, Ollie Wride – an artist who describes his music as ‘Glam Pop’, and sees himself as ‘Mr. Gaga’ was arguably at something of a disadvantage as I boarded a Brixton bound bus hotter than the earth’s core and full of screaming children, with nothing but four of his songs to provide me with a much needed departure from reality.

Ollie Wride is an exciting, fun and addictive singer/songwriter, whose music is packed full of camp charisma and personifies everything brilliant about pop music. The perfectly produced electro-pop backing is inventive and interesting enough to grab your attention and send endorphins rushing to your brain, whilst Ollie’s unique and commanding voice provides the personality that perfect his treats for your ears.
Each song reminds you of every great pop song you’ve ever heard. He sticks to a perfect and textbook formula that leads you down a familiar and friendly path before presenting you with an explosive, catchy and climactic chorus.

To write a song that has the rare quality of feeling instantly memorable requires real skill. To do it time and time again is sensational, and that is exactly what I think Ollie Wride will be – a sensation. From the selection I was given (all of which can be found on his Myspace) a standout track was difficult to select, but as an introduction I have included a youtube video for his song ‘Pop Music’.

‘Camp’ is fun. However how much of a football loving, beer drinking, bear wrestling, chest beating caveman you like to think of yourself being – a sprinkling of glitter, some tight fitting jeans and a blast of Ollie Wride will be sure to get that primitive hoof of yours tapping whilst putting the biggest grin on your face in no time at all. When listening to this I’m reminded that this world is on occasion a pretty nice place to exist in and if this little genius fails to make you smile, you need to get yourself to a doctor and check that your heart is beating.

Please check out Ollie’s Myspace page and make the effort to see one of his many upcoming live shows. He is bound for stardom and has an album scheduled to be released in the near future.