OK GO’s New Viral Video – This Too Shall Pass

The Oxfam-chic has been abandoned in favour of boiler suits in their latest web outing – a huge Heath Robinson (OK, since they’re from Chicago, Rube Goldberg) contraption to rival the one in Honda’s Cog advert. Ironically, given the fuss they’ve been making about revenues from embedding their previous treadmill viral super-hit, the video wasn’t embeddable, but sponsorship from a certain insurance company means that we can now save you the trouble of clicking all the way over to YouTube for this little beauty:

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Microsoft pays for music rights in E3 showcase

In order to avoid what happened at Blizzards Blizzcon Metallica performance, Microsoft ensured they secured re-transmission rights to licenses music in E3 showcase.

Streaming boosts British music exports to highest figure on record

BPI calls on UK government to seize the opportunity of growing exports from music streaming, as British music export revenues grew to £520 million in 2020.

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