O2 Arena Tickets Refunds For The Next 24 Hours


Fans of the late Micheal Jackson have just 24 hours left to claim if they want their money back for the tickets they purchased for Michael’s 50 show comeback dates that were to be held in London.

Fans have two realistic options with there now useless tickets. Either keep the ticket, which contain a series of lenticular images and holograms that are set to sour in value in the next couple of decades, in the form of a memento of their fallen pop idle. Or to to contact via the web one of two ticket providers, Ticket Master, and GetMeIn.com in a mad dash attempt at getting through congested servers to try an squeeze out a refund.

Organisers and promoters AEG live issued 8 different versions of the tickets ranging from £50-£75 for a ticket before Jackson died in June. It is still unclear weather or not if the public will ever learn exactly how many of the 800,000 tickets that were issued to ticket holders have been refunded.

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