Steinberg are back with what they’re calling ‘The Landmark Release’ version of Nuendo with dozens of new features in it’s tenth edition.

Steinberg’s post-production mega-software is back for number 10. Nuendo is coming sometime in the second quarter of this year according to Steinberg and now we know what to expect including 40 new features and improvements, ranging from major workflow enhancements to sound design tools.

Announced at this years GDC, the new Nuendo promises to be one of the most comprehensive post-production softwares on the market.. With a redesigned user interface, new and improved plug-ins, a reworked channel strip and more than 30 other features and improvements it promises to be their best offering yet.

They have announced workflow enhancements with Field Recorder Audio Import, Video Rendering and Video cut detection. Sound design tools including VoiceDesigner, Doppler effects, DearVR Spatial Connect integration – making it the most comprehensive VR authoring DAW around.

Nuendo 10’s features:

  • Field Recorder Audio Import for searching and matching field recorder audio files to selected events in the project
  • ADM Import support, complete with intact object automation data, for further mixing or editing
  • Video Cut Detection for analyzing video files for edits and inserting markers for each cut
  • Doppler effect for simulating the movement, distance and perception of a sound as its source passes you
  • VoiceDesigner for modifying voices and creating out-of-this-world sound effects in powerful and innovative ways
  • Video rendering for exporting a video file, or a section of a project including audio and video (available in a later maintenance update)
  • Cue Sheet Export for creating a report of all music pieces, or all VO clips of a narrator, used in the project (available in a later maintenance update)
  • dearVR support to create and mix immersive 3D audio content directly in the VR environment
  • Music features including VariAudio 3, Distroyer effect, MixConsole Snapshots, Groove Agent SE 5 and more sound content
  • Enhanced workflow and performance including ARA support (available in a later maintenance update), new features for Direct Offline Processing, new modes for the AmbiDecoder, Audio Alignment panel, high-DPI support, redesigned channel strip, GUI and more