Waves Audio have unleashed a trio of new sound recording/mixing plug ins at this years AES convention in New York. The new products include the WNS noise suppressor which handles real-time noise reduction across six bands with a specific emphasis on backround noice. A sub-harmonic generator named LoAir which is intended for use in 5.1 mixing, generating and enhancing sub-sonic low frequency effects (LFE) content from a mono, stereo, 5.0 or 5.1 sources.

A live sound environment called Multirack, and an ‘automation writer’ named Vocal Rider. Described as “the first in a new line of dedicated Waves Post Production tools”. The Multirack is designed as a software solution for front-of-house engineers, providing Waves processing for live mixing.

The Vocal Rider compares the volume of a vocal take with that of a backing track, which is fed into a side-chain. The resulting volume adjustments are written as fader automation within a range set by the user, controlling the dynamic of the song without introducing any of the additional artifacts associated with compression.

Watch the short explanation. (Without laughing at the nervous presenter!)