Lots of cool games have been released for Nintendo’s new Switch console but I bet you didn’t expect to see a full music making program on there.

At the Japanese m3 event last month a particularly interesting product was shown off, Korg’s Gadget DAW but as you’ve never seen it before. A hands-on display showed Korg’s music making software in a Nintendo Switch console, fully usable with just the Switch gamepad.

Nintendo’s new portable console will get Korg Gadget early next year in Spring. Developers Detune are making it all happen on the Nintendo Switch, programming the compact DAW and all of it’s instruments and gadgets onto the console.

No proper details have been released yet so the extent to which Korg Gadget is being built onto the Switch isn’t clear. It looks like you’ll have access to most of the program’s features with a piano roll for writing your music, a drum roll and more extensive editing capabilities. It will be fascinating to see the extent to which you can create, edit and play within the console – especially if it’s entirely controlled by Nintendo’s controllers.

It’s an interesting move for Nintendo but a great one. The Switch is already hailed for making AAA games portable but the more it opens it’s console up the better it gets as a multimedia console with so much potential. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more on Korg Gadget for Nintendo Switch soon.