As an independent artist you want your music to get out there and for the world to hear it. But the next step once it’s live online is getting paid for it, how much exactly will you make from each service?

At RouteNote we pride ourselves in giving every artist, musician, producer, label and everyone else musical the same opportunity as major label artists. We send your music to all of the top streaming services and music stores around the world, all for free. So when the royalties start rolling in, this article looks at how much you make from each service.

It can be very hard to decipher exactly what stores are paying for each stream as each service pays out a different amount and that amount varies in every different territory it is being streamed in. But we can gauge an average estimate of what each store pays out and you can see that as well as a breakdown how each service is running in this wonderful graph from below.

music streaming royalty rates independent artists revenue money payouts earnings

As we mentioned earlier, it’s impossible to get an exact figure of what each service pays out but this is as close as it gets to an accurate representation of what each stream will get you on all of the top services. This graph is based on data from March this year.