For an in-browser free audio software, this is a great DAW. A nice layout, with little previous audio software use, this can be picked up in no time, and would be a great starting point for those interested in audio creating/editing to begin.

Instrument choice include – Simple, Mono, SuperSaw, DrumMachine, Noiser, SAM-1, GM-2 (Beta), The Wub Machine and SPC. These all create very different sounds and effects. With the addition of a simple synth editor, this gives you the opportunity to expand on sound achieved.

Editing given to you in this, include – Recording, Cropping, Looping, Panning, Automation, Mixing.

Effects include – Filter, Reverb, Delay, Degrader, Phaser, Distortion, Compressor, Equalizer, Limiter, Fakie, Tremolo and as with instruments, this loads up a preset, that can be altered as desired.

The loop library contains a nice selection of sounds within, but this is fairly limited on the free version.

The software can only be accessed online, therefore cannot be used offline and may be unresponsive on slow connections.

In summary the software offers a good range of instruments, loops, effects, presets for a free, in-browser based audio editing software. It runs on both Mac and PC. Although it does not offer the same amount of flexibility and choice within non-free DAW options, such as Logic, this is expected from a free model.