Music Production – djay 2 for iOS

djay 2 for iOS, offers users a great tool for people wanting the ultimate house party app.

It allows users to live mix two tracks, with all the standard DJ features you’d expect. Turntables, waveforms, drum machines, effects, looping, cue points, sampler, recording, and tempo and key matching give this app a world of possibilities.

Flip the device and you can concentrate on the one turntable. Some hardware DJ controllers even have djay app support. Similar to GarageBand, there’s great iCloud integration between devices, so all of your cue point and other metadata can be accessed on your Mac.

Choose a track from your entire iTunes library and playlist, or with the newest edition of djay 2, you can now access almost every track, through your Spotify Premium account.

Automix is a great feature that takes the effort out of DJing, for when you want the app to do the work, while you sit back and listen.

djay 2 iOS

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