After 20 years since MTV’s prime as a music network they’re looking to come back, starting with the revival of their famed Unplugged series as well as a new weekly live show.

It’s news to no-one that MTV went from being one of the largest and most respected networks for music to being a crappy reality show producer that somehow got away with keeping the M in MTV. It seems MTV are looking for a revival of their heyday with a new focus on music pushing them back to their roots.

The return of MTV’s acclaimed Unplugged series is no doubt the highlight. The live series takes bands and musicians on stage for acoustic or stripped down performances. During it’s peak in the 90’s it played host to performances from major artists such as Nirvana and Eric Clapton, both of whom went on to win Grammys for the recordings of their Unplugged sessions.

Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged performance is one of the most famous, taking places months before Kurt Cobain’s death. Sony Studios in New York City, 11/18/93. Photo by Frank Micelotta.

It seems that MTV’s aim with Unplugged is to take it it’s classic concept and put it in a modern setting, using the internet to promote and potentially stream performances. A press release said that “the revitalized Unplugged will restore key elements that made the franchise so groundbreaking in the first place, while resetting the show in the multi-platform video world of today.”

More shows were announced by MTV to debut this Autumn, and these ones are completely new. Wonderland takes place in LA and will broadcast live shows from 3 acts every week on their network. In development with Scooter Braun Films is Studio 24, a show which partners a famous artist with a “mystery talent” to create a song within 24 hours. There is also another show that will focus on MTV’s extensive archive footage, as well as an untitled music competition series from executive producer Mark Burnett.

MTV’s president, Sean Atkins said: “We’re on a mission to reignite MTV with everything that makes it one of the world’s most iconic brands – its soul of music, it’s love of pop culture, and its unexpected, groundbreaking, creative. What we share today is just the beginning, but it’s a strong first step in the journey and shows how aggressively we are moving to energise the extraordinary promise of this great brand.”