MPC Beats is Akai’s free beat making DAW for Mac or PC

MPC Beats is a cut down DAW based on Akai’s pro level MPC Software 2.0 with similar features, but without the $200 price tag.

Akai MPC Beats will have beginners and experts quickly producing great sounding beats with their new free DAW.

  • 16 pads for triggering drum samples and loops
  • Piano roll to record midi notes
  • Sample editor to chop & Edit
  • Browser to search & Select sounds
  • Information section to select and navigate between tracks
MPC Beats Laptop

MPC Beats is loaded with demo tracks and templates to help you get started remixing or producing music. Along with 2GB of including samples, loops and vitual instrument plugins, as well as 80 FX plugins from the Air Effects collection.

MPC Beats Plugins

Two stereo audio tracks for live recorded elements on top of eight MIDI/instrument tracks. MPC Beats Expansions start from $9.99 to widen your creativity. VST/AU compatibility allows for endless possibilities with third-party virtual instruments and processing plugins. Compatible with MIDI controllers from Akai and third-parties. Keys will auto-map or can be manually configured. MPC Beats can also be used as a plugin with your existing DAW.

MPC Beats Producer

The MPC Beats Adademy page is full of informative videos from helping you getting started to producing tracks.

Download for free from Akai here.

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