This tiny Mooer baby bomb amp proves that size isnt everything with the smallest amp we’ve ever seen.

When you are thinking about how much gear you have to carry around as a guitarist or singer/songwriter, its an incredibly heavy amount. For the standard guitarist, carrying around a big cab and amp is an every day occurrence but this little treat might just save your arms and a load of time. The baby bomb is a neat little power amp and a pocket size wonder, it has everything you need to create a simply big sound in a pedal size unit.

The baby bomb has two very simple controls – Master Volume and a Warm/Bright Control. When turning up the volume, the baby bomb also starts to unleash some gritty post stage overdrive with the volume increase which is an amazing feature as it means you get the additional choice of a clean and distorted sound within the amp.

Adjusting the Warm/Bright control will completely change the presence and tone of your cabinet with a very distinct two tone feature.

With a true 30 watts of power, this unit packs a punch and can be connected to any cabinet with an impedance of 80-160 Ohms. This amp doesnt hold back on power or volume as you may expect it to, we all stood back in wonder as it created a sound worthy of a professional rock set up.

Alongside this little amp, we were lucky enough to test out the Mooer GC112 Speaker Cab. This reasonable size cabinet comes with a powerful and dynamic celestion vintage 30 speaker which adds rich tones and diverse sounds to any pedal and amp set up.

Producing 60 watts of output I would say this speaker cab was ideal for anyone playing in any setting but definitely well suited for any solo guitarist/solo performer as it creates enough sound to fill a good variety of venues. The cab really does let you cut through with precision high notes at the same time as creating warm lows and an earthy middle tone.

These units work so well together creating a simple, easy, rich sound and beautiful textures to any guitar. Having tested both units out with a variety of electric and acoustic guitars, I would fully recommend this excellent duo to any guitarists looking for a simple set up to use at live gigs or at home. With the amp being so small and the speaker being light and easily manoeuvrable, this pair just goes so well together in so many settings.