Mooer Black Truck Multi-FX pedal gives you a huge range of effects in a rather neat little console. I recently got the chance to test out this amazing multi effects pedal and it just blew me away with its capabilities – it has everything you need right there in front of you.

The Mooer Black truck holds a wide range of effects that come under 6 distinct foot switches. All effects can be used separately to each other or together to create whatever sound you feel best at the time.

The first feature I used was the ‘Space’ foot switch which has a range of effects including Reverb, Delay and a dual Reverb/Delay feature. I really loved the reverb capabilities on this pedal, the ability to change the amount of reverb in the mix and the decay is a lovely addition to the pedal.

The delay also comes with the ability to change the level, feedback and time which was really cool. I managed to get some lovely acoustic tones using both of them together creating a sound I loved.

The second switch I looked at was the Mod switch which has three great controls – Phaser, Tremolo and Flanger. I found if you combined the reverb with the very warm tremolo you can create a really earthy acoustic sound. The phaser and flanger were better suited to my electric guitar, creating sounds you might associate with an old rock band. This is something I really enjoyed playing with and changing around.

The next thing I looked into was the EQ switch effects. Something I really enjoyed about this was the option of changing the EQ pre or post effects. This can really change up the sound you get from the dynamic EQ settings. This then works really well with the gain and overdrive switches. being able to apply a nice EQ before or after distortion and gain is a really great feature. The gain switch applied with the overdrive creates a bite-y distortion that any rock guitarist would be proud of and I think its an incredible addition to the pedal.

The range of effects available in a multi-fx pedal the size of Mooer’s Black Truck is just incredible. This pedal also suits every guitar and guitarist from electric rock guitarists to the singer /songwriter. Whilst versatile the black truck is best suited for an electric rock guitarist with stunning gain and overdrive features.

The compact build of this pedal makes it perfect for any guitarist to easily carry around to live performances and supply a good amount of effects to there sound. I think what separates it from other multi-fx pedals is the size but also the control with each effect. You can very easily change the tone and features of each effect to absolutely perfect the sound you want.

A difficulty I did have with this pedal was differentiating between the switches in a hurry, when trying to quickly trying to switch on/off an effect, because of the compact size its easy to also switch on/off another of the effects either side. This is only in issue when trying to change effects in a hurry if having to concentrate on other things also but in a live gig scenario I could see this being a problem.


– Versatility allows you to fine tune the sound you want

– A compact build makes it very portable

– Size doesn’t impinge on it’s quality

– Great for electric or acoustic guitars


– The size does mean the foot-switches are close together which could cause difficulty in a live setting