Modartt Pianoteq v3.5

Modartt have released an update to their Pianoteq virtual Piano, to V3.5. Unlike other virtual piano software, which use recorded samples to create/play sounds, Pianoteq uses digitally modeled individual parts of a piano requiring less hard disk space but more processing power.

pianoteq 3.5

The V3.5 update benefits from soundboard modelling to provide you the privilege of digitally adjusting string, hammer and dampers positions, as well as a new Pro edition included. The Pro edition offers complete flexibility and control 0n a note-to-note level, which boasts allowing the user to control 22 different parameters for each note, with everything from the length of your strings to the soundboard impedance (harmonics).

The new version is compatible for other Pianoteq users, including those who own Standard, and can use sample rates up to 192kHz. Pianoteq Pro costs 399 Euros (around £360), with Pianoteq Standard users being able to upgrade for 150 Euros (£135). Pianoteq Standard costs 249 Euros (around £220).

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