Mixcloud add ticketed live streamed events

Music streaming service Mixcloud have announced four ticketed live stream events, with a view to allow ticketed live streams for all users.

Mixcloud introduced audio and video live streamed shows earlier this year. Now, Mixcloud Live are introducing ticketing for select shows. Artists have been invited to test the new feature, including Flying Lotus, Róisín Murphy, Leon Vynehall and Lafawndah. Tickets for the four events are priced at $10-13, with each broadcast being streamed three times for different timezones, however they aren’t geo-blocked, so any of the three shows can be streamed from anywhere.

With the introduction of live ticketed streams on Mixcloud, we are combining what was once the three distinct music industries of radio, live concerts, and streaming, into a single digital platform. This combined vision is what excites us as a team, and opens up so many new opportunities for creators.

Nico Perez, CEO, Mixcloud

Hosting live ticketed events is currently invite only, but artists and managers can apply here.

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