Mission Aero – The All-In-One Surround Sound Speaker

Mission Aero

Hi-Fi manufacturer MISSION have released their brand new “Wireless Music System”.
This single anodised aluminium cased wireless speaker holds an impressive six BMR speakers and one pressure balanced 120mm subwoofer with its own amplifier.

It’s “Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D Sound” technology uses nearby walls and surfaces to accurately reproduce the effect of being surrounded by speakers.

Optical, iPod, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay, aptX and AUX input allows you to play sound from any device or TV setup.

Mission Aero with its aesthetic build, seems like a great simple solution to the wired/cluttered madness so often paired with many surround sound options today. However, all this comes at the heavy cost of £500. If this can live up to its promise, it may be a reasonable price.

Full information and dealers here.

Mission Aero – Wireless Speaker from Mission on Vimeo.

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