Mike Jbara, a veteran at Warner Music Group, has joined MQA to lead the new master quality audio format in it’s next stage.

Mike Jbara will be taking the role of Chief Executive Officer at Master Quality Authenticated. MQA is an audio format that the creators hope will make studio quality recordings available digitally online in easily distributable sized file packages. Jbara comes from a 20 year stint at Warner Music where he was most recently executive vice president of technology and business process.

MQA chairman Bob Stuart said: “We are delighted to have Mike join us to take the helm as MQA moves into this next phase. Our mission is to improve the quality of distributed music and to help connect artists to fans. I have known Mike professionally for many years and have immense respect for his technical and industry insight and knowledge, as well as interpersonal and organisational skills. Mike is a good friend and we are looking forward to developing the MQA business together.”

Earlier this year Warner Music became the first major label to sign a deal with MQA to offer up their repertoires tracks in the new audio format and distribute to limited partners currently working with MQA like Onkyo. As the two companies clearly had a rapport with their aims for music it makes sense that MQA would poach someone from Warner of all the major labels.

Jbara said of his new position: “I am inspired by the principles that have led to the creation of MQA – a commitment to sound quality, intuitive and natural consumer experiences, and the tireless advocacy for the artists’ music. I have had the great fortune to work closely with Bob Stuart and develop a partnership and friendship rarely found. The MQA team is exceptional. I could not imagine anything more exciting than to join this team and pursue that vision.”

When Warner partnered with MQA back in May, chairman and CEO of WMG’s Atlantic Records Craig Kallman said: “The digital music era has been all about convenience. It is fantastic that we can listen to virtually any song, anywhere, any time. In that process, however, convenience has trumped sound quality, and we have gotten further away from the sound that artists work so hard to create. MQA makes hi-resolution music easy to stream or download to any device. Music fans will love it when they hear it, and WMG is thrilled to be partnering with MQA to take the next step in bringing hi-resolution music to consumers across the globe.”